Short Update

hey ppl i have two news, good and bad one…

first bad one – i’m sick again :( i’ve spent last 2 days in bed coughing, drinking teas, lemonades and antibiotics :( i hope i’ll get over it in next few days, i already feel a bit better but still far from good…

good news is that just before i got sick i have started working on new design of this site, it will be wider (for 1024×768 screen resolution, instead of 800×600), also it will be easier to use with simpler menus, probably less ads, and better categories organization (everything will be sorted by countries, won’t be all mixed like now)… I am sure it will be huge improvement for site, it will require lots of work but will be all good :)

and the last thing, i want to say thanks to several of you who have sent me wallpapers and pictures by upload wallpapers tool (Lebron, KG from All-Star, Kevin Durant, Denver Nuggets White Logo and few others), thank you all :)

Dejan :)

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