2016 NBA Playoffs Bracket 2880×1800 Wallpaper

2016 NBA Playoffs Bracket 2880x1800 Wallpaper

Original 2016 NBA Playoffs Bracket 2880×1800 Wallpaper

2016 NBA Playoffs are here !!! :) After one of the best seasons in last several years, season in which so many historical moments and records happened – we are finally at the point where every game matters like it’s the last one. BasketWallpapers.com team prepared 2016 NBA Playoffs Bracket wallpaper, just like we did every year since 2008. :) And we’ll keep bracket daily updated for the next two months, until we have winner of 2016 NBA Finals :)

Updated Bracket:

Updated Bracket after games played on 19.06.2016.

NOTE: If You are seeing old version of updated bracket – please refresh Your web browser.

19.06.2016. – Cavaliers became the 1st team in NBA history to win NBA Title after losing NBA Finals 1-3. Congrats to the whole Cavaliers team !!!
16.06.2016. – Cavaliers tied 2016 NBA Finals and became 3rd team in NBA history to force game 7 after losing NBA Finals 1-3.
13.06.2016. – Warriors without Draymond Green (and injured Bogut) weren’t good enough to stop historical performance of Kyrie and LeBron (who both had 41 points).
10.06.2016. – Warriors won game 4 of 2016 NBA Finals after dominating 4th quarter and took 3-1 lead in series.
08.06.2016. – Cavaliers won first game in Cleveland and lowered Warriors lead to 2-1.
05.06.2016. – Warriors won second game at home and took 2-0 lead in 2016 NBA Finals.
02.06.2016. – Warriors took 1-0 lead in 2016 NBA Finals.
30.05.2016. – Warriors turned around series, came back from 3-1 deficit and advanced into 2016 NBA Finals.
28.05.2016. – Warriors tied west finals series to 3-3.
27.05.2016. – Cavaliers advanced to 2016 NBA Finals after they won game 6 in Toronto.
26.05.2016. – Warriors avoided elimination in game 5 of western conference finals and lowered Thunder lead to 3-2.
25.05.2016. – Cavaliers simply destroyed Raptors in game 5 and took 3-2 lead in east finals.
24.05.2016. – Defending champions, Warriors, are facing 3-1 deficit and possible elimination after they were defeated again by OKC Thunder.
23.05.2016. – Raptors are back !!! Raptors won 2nd game in Toronto and tied eastern conference finals to 2-2.
22.05.2016. – OKC Thunder defeated Warriors in Oklahoma and took 2-1 lead in west finals.
21.05.2016. – Raptors won their first conference finals game in team history and lowered Cavs lead to 2-1.
19.05.2016. – Cavaliers won second game at home and are now in 2-0 lead.
18.05.2016. – Warriors easily won game 2 and tied series to 1-1.
17.05.2016. – Cavaliers dominated game 1 of east finals and took 1-0 lead.
16.05.2016. – Thunder won game 1 and took 1-0 lead in west finals.
15.05.2016. – Raptors dominated game 7 against Heat and advanced to eastern conference finals where they will play with Cavaliers.
13.05.2016. – Heat bounced back after losing game 6 and forced game 7 against Raptors.
12.05.2016. – Thunder advanced to west finals where they will face Warriors.
11.05.2016. – Warriors moved to West finals after winning game 5 against Trail Blazers. Raptors took 3-2 lead against Heat.
10.05.2016. – Thunder took 3-2 lead after winning tight game 5 against Spurs.
09.05.2016. – Both Heat and Warriors took wins in OT… Heat tied series to 2-2 while Warriors took 3-1 lead.
08.05.2016. – Cavaliers moved to East finals by sweeping Hawks. Thunder won game 4 and tied series against Spurs to 2-2.
07.05.2016. – Raptors won game 3 for 2-1 lead in series while Trail Blazers managed to lower lead of Warriors to 2-1.
06.05.2016. – Cavaliers took commanding 3-0 against Hawks while Spurs won game 3 for 2-1 lead against Thunder.
05.05.2016. – Raptors bounced back after losing first game and tied series to 1-1.
04.05.2016. – Cavaliers took 2-0 lead against Hawks in East semi-finals.
03.05.2016. – Heat opened series against Raptors with win and took 1-0 lead. Warriors won game 2 and took 2-0 lead against Trail Blazers.
02.05.2016. – Cavaliers took 1-0 lead in series against Hawks while Thunder won tight game in San Antonio and tied series to 1-1.
01.05.2016. – Heat and Raptors won their first round series with 4-3 and moved to east semi-finals where they will meet each other. In third match of the night Warriors took 1-0 lead against Trail Blazers.
30.04.2016. – The first match of west semi-finals is finished – Spurs destroyed Thunder and took 1-0 lead in series.
29.04.2016. – Blazers closed series against injured Clippers and moved to west semi-finals where they will meat Warriors. In other games Heat and Pacers tied their series to 3-3 and forced game 7.
28.04.2016. – Hawks closed down their series against Celtics and advanced to east semi-finals.
27.04.2016. – Warriors closed down series against Rockets with 4-1 score while Hornets and Blazers took 3-2 lead in their series.
26.04.2016. – Hawks and Raptors took 3-2 lead in their series.
25.04.2016. – Thunder closed series against Mavs and will play against Spurs in west semi-finals. Hornets defended home court and tied series with Heat to 2-2. Clippers lost game 4 in Portland and even worse – they lost Chris Paul due to fractured right hand, series is now tied to 2-2.
24.04.2016. – Spurs and Cavaliers are the first teams to sweep their opponents in 2016 NBA Playoffs. Both teams closed their first round series with 4-0 and are now waiting to see who will they play against in next round. In other games – Warriors took 3-1 lead against Rockets despite Curry’s injury while Celtics tied series against Hawks to 2-2 after OT.
23.04.2016. – Pacers won game 4 and tied series against Raptors to 2-2. Hornets and Blazers won game 3 of their series and lowered lead of Heat and Clippers to 2-1. Thunder won game 4 and took 3-1 lead against Mavericks.
22.04.2016. – Cavaliers and Spurs took3-0 lead in their series while Celtics lowered advantage of Hawks to 2-1.
21.04.2016. – Thunder and Raptors took 2-1 lead in their series while Rockets lowered advantage of Warriors to 2-1.
20.04.2016. – Heat, Cavaliers and Clippers all increased their lead to 2-0.
19.04.2016. – Hawks and Spurs both increased their lead against Celtics and Grizzlies to 2-0.
18.04.2016. – Warriors increased lead against Rockets to 2-0 while Mavericks and Raptors responded after losing their first games and both tied their series to 1-1.
17.04.2016. – All of the higher seeded teams won their opening matches today (Cavaliers, Heat, Spurs and Clippers).
16.04.2016. – Indiana Pacers surprised Raptors in first game and took opening win in Toronto. All other games were won by higher seeded teams (Warriors, Hawks and Thunder).

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