2017 NBA Playoffs Bracket 2880×1800 Wallpaper

2017 NBA Playoffs Bracket 2880x1800 Wallpaper

2017 NBA Playoffs Bracket 2880×1800 Wallpaper

The first match of 2017. NBA Playoffs starts in less than 10 minutes :) Those of You who are visiting BasketWallpapers.com for few years are aware of playoffs bracket tradition… I was very very busy in last year or so, my daily job has affected my work on this website a lot but continuing playoffs tradition is something I will not abandon for anything !!! I have made bracket of 2017. NBA Playoffs and I will give my best to keep it daily updated – from the first match until we get 2017. NBA Champion :)

Updated Bracket:

Updated Bracket after games played on 04.06.2017.

NOTE: If You are seeing old version of updated bracket – please refresh Your web browser.

04.06.2017. – Warriors won both games at home and took 2-0 lead. I doubt I will watch the rest of 2017 NBA Finals, as games are totally boring and one-sided most of the time. Thanks NBA and You fucking retard Adam Silver for making my favorite sport and battle for title boring. Like I said after KD signed up with GSW last year – they just destroyed league for the next couple seasons… Adam Silver allowing KD and Warriors to exploit increase in salary cap that made space for Warriors to sign him is just retarded, like I already said… I am not 100% sure but I think I didn’t watch a SINGLE regular season match this season (I watched Euroleague where matches are actually played with defense and every single match has high level of competition between teams), I watched only highlights from All-Star Weekend because it sucked for the last several years, and now it seems I will have to start ignoring NBA Playoffs for the next few season also – at least until league returns back into balance by teams being forced to increase future contracts due to increased salary cap which will balance number of super stars per team. Let’s take warriors for example – atm all of their top stars except Durant (26M) are underpaid… Klay plays for 16M, Draymond for 15M, Curry for 12M… What will happen in few seasons, when all of these contracts expire and GSW will have to offer them new ones? You think Klay, Draymond and Curry will play for under 20M / season? HELL THEY WON’T !!!! GSW will be forced to remove complete bench or one of their top stars – which will bring their team power back into balance… At the moment they are overpowered roster, due to exploiting increase in salary cap last summer. Once again, thank you Adam Silver and GO FUCK YOURSELF for ruining NBA league !!!

25.05.2017. – Cavs won game 5 and advanced into 2017. NBA Finals where they will play against Warriors.
… Had to skip few days, sorry :)
19.05.2017. – Cavaliers dominated game 2 and took 2-0 lead in eastern conference finals against Celtics.
17.05.2017. – Cavaliers won opening match of east finals after they were in control whole game.
16.05.2017. – Warriors took 2-0 lead.
15.05.2017. – Celtics won game 7 against Wizards and advanced into eastern conference finals.
14.05.2017. – Warriors took 1-0 lead in west finals.
11.05.2017. – Wizards won game 6 and forced 7th game in series against Celtics.
11.05.2017. – Spurs closed down series with Rockets by winning game 6 and moved to western conference finals of 2017. NBA Playoffs.
10.05.2017. – Celtics won game 5 of their series against Wizards and took 3-2 lead.
09.05.2017. – Spurs won game 5 in OT and took 3-2 lead against Rockets.
08.05.2017. – Warriors swept series against Jazz and became the first western conference finalist…
07.05.2017. – Cavaliers closed series against Raptors with another sweep and moved to eastern conference finals… In other games, Wizards and Rockets won games 4 of their series and tied them at 2-2 score.
06.05.2017. – Warriors took 3-0 lead against Jazz and will have opportunity to sweep them in next game.
05.05.2017. – Cavaliers won game 3 for 3-0 lead against Raptors while Spurs turned around series against Rockets and took 2-1 lead after losing game 1.
04.05.2017. – Warriors won game 2 and took 2-0 lead over Jazz while Wizards lowered Celtics lead to 2-1.
03.05.2017. – Cavaliers took 2-0 lead against Raptors while Spurs bounced back after first game and tied series against Rockets to 1-1.
02.05.2017. – Warriors won opening match against Jazz and took 1-0 lead while Celtics increased their lead against Wizards to 2-0.
01.05.2017. – Cavaliers and Rockets easily won opening games of their conference semi-finals series and both took 1-0 lead.
30.04.2017. – Jazz won game 7 and advanced to western conference semi-finals while Celtics got their first win in second round of 2017. NBA Playoffs.
28.04.2017. – Celtics and Wizards moved to conference semi-finals after both won games 6 of their series. Clippers tied series against Jazz and forced game 7.
27.04.2017. – Raptors and Spurs won their first round series, both with 4-2 score, and advanced into conference semi-finals of 2017. NBA Playoffs.
26.04.2017. – Both Wizards and Celtics won games 5 of their series and took 3-2 lead.
25.04.2017. – Rockets closed series against Thunder and moved to next round while Spurs and Jazz took 3-2 lead in their series.
24.04.2017. – Warriors swept Blazers and advanced into conference semi-finals. Raptors won game 5 and took 3-2 lead against Bucks while Hawks managed to tie series against Wizards to 2-2.
23.04.2017. – Cavaliers swept Pacers and became the first team to advance into second round of 2017. NBA Playoffs. In other games of the day Celtics and Jazz tied their series to 2-2 while Rockets took 3-1 lead against Thunder.
22.04.2017. – Warriors won game 3 and took 3-0 lead against Blazers, Raptors and Grizzlies won games 4 and tied their series to 2-2 while Hawks got their first win in 2017. NBA Playoffs and lowered Wizards lead to 2-1.
21.04.2017. – Celtics and Thunder got their first wins in 2017. NBA Playoffs and lowered opponent lead to 2-1, while Clippers won game 3 and took 2-1 lead against Jazz.
20.04.2017. – Cavaliers won tough game after having 26 points deficit and increased lead against Pacers to 3-0. Bucks destroyed Raptors and took 2-1 lead while Grizzlies lowered Spurs lead to 2-1.
19.04.2017. – All of the higher seed teams (Wizards, Rockets and Warriors) won games to of their series and took 2-0 lead.
18.04.2017. – Clippers and Raptors won games 2 of their series and tied score to 1-1. Bulls increased their lead to 2-0.
17.04.2017. – Spurs and Cavaliers won games 2 of their series and both took 2-0 leads.
16.04.2017. – Warriors, Rockets, Wizards and Bulls won their first matches of 2017. NBA Playoffs and all took 1-0 lead in their series.
15.04.2017. – Spurs, Cavaliers, Bucks and Jazz won their first matches of 2017. NBA Playoffs and all took 1-0 lead in their series.

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